"Jenny is amazing! She should take all of your pictures. Jenny made my fiance and I comfortable for our engagement shoot by giving cues and ideas throughout our time. Then, she edited our pictures super fast. I have never felt more beautiful than during my shoot with Jenny. Thank you so much!"-Gina Furtado

"Working with her was such a pleasure and I was thrilled when she asked me to work with her. She has such a beautiful and unique vision that few photographers I have worked with have; it's poetic in a way. She is very kind and a pleasure to work with too. She was very good at giving directing her models and asked if we had any ideas for a shot. She also edits photos incredibly fast and well! I believe she posted our series in less than 24 hours. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone in her area and hope to get another opportunity to shoot with her again"- Danielle Koehler

"Working with Jenny is great. We have a lot of fun but she stays professional. Images come out superb and definitely would want to keep working with her. She's not just my friend, she's one of my favorite photographers to work with for sure!❤"- Nixi Pixie

"she really knows how to capture a subjects inner beauty and i love how her photos always tell a story! she is amazing at coaching flawless shot after gorgeous shot! amazing to work with and i hope to get another opportunity to work with her again!"- Kelsey Smith

"Awesome person to work with. Jenny was a professional when it came to getting pictures done of my brother and I. She was open to any ideas we had and was willing to meet us anywhere. I would highly suggest reaching out to her next time you need pictures done!"- Joshua Hernandez

"Amazingly creative photography! Jenny looks at every detail and angle to ensure your photo will be the best!"- Kevin Karrigan

"She was so kind and caring and professional, she made my experience easy. i have a fear of water and she was so so calming, she made me feel like i could not only conquer that fear, but the world!!!! I cannot wait to see the images!!!"-Melissa Morris

"Jenny is very professional, yet so easy to work with. She's down for any ideas you have and is willing to offer suggestions from her experienced point of view. I was never the type to fully be comfortable in front of the camera before, but she has helped me relax both times she's photographed me. I also felt like she just got me and immediately understands what your vision is and makes the end results spot on.❤"- Heather Nicholson

"By far one of the coolest chics I've had the pleasure to work with!! Amazing talent and I am so proud of the images we took!! She is someone I highly recommend to work with!!"- Hannah Marie

"Sooo glad i got to work with you before you move! Guys (those of you reading this)- Jenny is nice, creative, and gives good direction (even if she doesn't think she does :P) I was very impressed just by the sneak peek i got of my shoot!
I highly suggest doing the bathtub shoot, if nothing else! A great deal"- Liz Strong

"She's amazing, it's art!!! She'll have you craving more! You will feel just as gorgeous as she is inside & out"- Melissa LeBlanc

"She always makes people feel so comfortable and is very professional! I love working with her!"- Jordan Libardi